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Designers-Owners Hans and Bernard Steimann

Blak Prince is powerful new jewelry line designed and created by brothers Bernard and Hans Steimann. Blak Prince is inspired by the brothers' family heritage, their illustrious travels across Europe, and most importantly the lifestyle they embody. Blak Prince takes root in ancient European and Byzantine culture while still maintaining an edgy vibe and lavish style. Based upon the lifestyle and splendor that shaped history's most influential men and women, Blak Prince is dedicated to those who are young, powerful, and forge their own destiny.

Blak Prince Display Cases

The Blak Prince Collection features specially designed rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and cufflinks for men and women. Every piece in the collection is hand crafted from sterling silver and 18k gold. The collection features a range of detailed metal work such as the Blak Prince royal filigree, hammer beaten surfaces, armor chinked edges, meticulous engravings, and amazing attention to detail that gives each piece unique look and feel. The jewelry also features a wide range of precious gems like diamonds, rubies, and other unique exotic stones that give each piece a very elegant and edgy style. All Blak Prince jewelry is designed to bring forth the glory and splendor that lies within its wearer, allowing them to rise to greatness and forever "Reign with Power".

Each piece of Blak Prince jewelry comes packaged in a lavish velvet Blak Prince case adorned with an inset Golden Blak Prince Emblem upon its top. Each piece also comes with its own Blak Prince polishing and cleaning cloth to ensure that each piece will continue to look its best.

Blak Prince is enticing many of Hollywood's hottest film and TV stars, celebrities, and music artists to indulge in their new collection. Blak Prince has also been rapidly growing among the mixed martial arts (MMA) community with many of the world's top fighters wearing the collection. Recently, the Blak Prince Collection was one of the few outside brands that was hand selected by Christian Audigier himself to attend and accompany his own World Renowned brands at the launch of his first exclusive trade show, held at the fabulous Caesars' Palace Ballroom in Las Vegas, called "When I Move; You Move" (WIMYM). Blak Prince was met with rave reviews and had fantastic global response and growth.

Blak Prince will be featured on several noteworthy TV and online shows as well as in several fashion and men's magazines in the next few months. Blak Prince will also continue to host events and parties at exclusive night clubs and hotspots throughout LA and other major cities over the next year as well.